The Rocky Hill Coal Mine is threatening the beautiful Gloucester Valley.

Dear Members and Supporters
Lock the Gate Alliance, The Wilderness Society, Nature Conservation Council, Solar Citizens, +350Australia and others are planning a massive, statewide rally for Saturday 24 March 2018 and they need our help!

On Saturday 24 March 2018 it will be exactly one year to the New South Wales state election. New South Wales will be at a crossroads. One road leads to more coal and gas mining. The other leads to clean farmland and water, protection of Indigenous cultural heritage and healthy communities.

People from all around NSW are planning to converge on Sydney to demand renewable energy and the protection of land, water and people from the impacts of coal and gas mining.

It’s going to be huge. Groundswell Gloucester strongly supports this action and we hope you’ll all put this date in your diaries and join us on the day!

More information about the rally can be found

Groundswell Gloucester has booked a bus to take us to and from the rally.

Saturday 24 March 2018
(Rally 12-2 pm)
Hyde Park North in the centre of Sydney
Departure from Gloucester: 7.00 am
NB Need to be at the Billabong Park Bus Terminal by 6.45 am Return departure from Sydney: 2.30 pm (approximately)
Cost: $20 per person Organiser:
Di Montague

Please book and pay at Gloucester Health Food store and
email Di Montague to advise your booking.
If you can’t get to the Health Food store to book and pay, please also
email Di to make other payment arrangements.

The Groundswell Gloucester Team
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If approved the Rocky Hill Coal Mine will extend mining in the valley for decades.

Schools and hundreds of homes are within the 5km health danger zone of the project’s first stage. Future expansion could be as close as 1km from the built up area of Gloucester.

The source of health and environmental problems will be closer to people and the risks will last longer than the Stratford mine.

In a world of oversupply and industry decline due to energy competition why should another coal mine be imposed on the rural community of Gloucester?

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Dear Members and Supporters,
Your committee has had productive discussions with the Department of Planning and has met with the EDO, MidCoast Council and MCWAG. We have requested a meeting with the Premier.
To be joined to the case independently will likely cost in the order of $50,000.
We are exploring all legal and funding options.
Please continue to hold off submitting an expression of interest to the Department of Planning about giving oral evidence to the Court until further advised.
We will keep you informed as developments occur and hope to be in a position to call a public meeting within the next month.

With best wishes
Julie Lyford

The Planning Assessment Commission has rejected the Rocky Hill Coal Project.
The PAC's reasons for refusing the development application are: 
1. the creation and operation of an open cut coal mine in this proposed location, within the RU1 and E3 zones of the Gloucester Local Environmental Plan 2010, is in direct contravention of each zone’s objectives;  2. the residual visual impact of the mine would be significant throughout all stages of the project; and  3. the project is not in the public interest.
The full PAC report can be found 

Groundswell Gloucester’s submission to the PAC can be found here.  

This decision is in accordance with the recommendation of the Department of Planning that the project not be approved. The Department of Planning had identified the project’s proximity to existing residential areas and its predicted visual amenity, noise, and air quality impacts as being significant factors in its assessment.  The Department of Planning’s full assessment report can be found

GRL Thumbs Nose at Community
As expected, GRL has announced that it intends to appeal to the Land and Environment Court against the Planning Assessment Commission's (PAC) rejection of the the Rocky Hill coal mine.  This decision clearly demonstrates that GRL has no interest or concern for this community and is driven entirely by self interest and greed.

Groundswell Gloucester’s Media Release can be found here.
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"I support the Gloucester community in their battle to decide their own economic future and to protect the homes, land and water of the Gloucester Valley from the destructive impacts of the coal and coal seam gas industries. Keep me informed and let me know how I can help. "

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Saturday 24 March: Time2Choose Rally (details above)
Farm Gate Sales - Fresh Produce
- every Friday at
The Tucker Patch
Farmers Market
- second Saturday of the month
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Donations to Groundswell Gloucester can be made by direct deposit. BSB  721 000 • Account 100 166 385
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