Agriculture has been the beating heart of the local economy for generations. The region is favoured with good rainfall, clean air and generations of farming knowledge.
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Today, Gloucester is well positioned to improve its regional agricultural economy with the growth of local horticultural enterprises.
The Tucker Patch is a local initiative which celebrates the farming tradition in Gloucester and aims to grow the potential for local horticultural development. The Tucker Patch operates a demonstration farm where sustainable farming practices are researched and modelled. The project also grows chemical-free produce which is sold at the farm gate and the local farmers market.

The Gloucester
Farmers Market is held on the second Saturday of each month in Billabong Park. A wide variety of produce from local and regional growers is available.

Agriculture has underpinned Gloucester for generations. If we look after the land and water it is an industry that will be part of a healthy, sustainable economic future for the region.
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