Gloucester is the gateway to the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops.
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Our tourism industry is about the friendliness of the locals, our vibrant main street, the stunning local landscape and the fresh produce of local food producers. Everyone plays an invaluable part in the growth of the local tourism industry, which ensures sustainable long-term employment for our region.

So many businesses make people feel welcome, entertained, nourished and encouraged to return to our special part of the world.

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Beautiful Gloucester is a favourite spot for many thousands of visitors yearly, and is rightly called a ‘significant heritage landscape’ by the National Trust. Destination NSW states that overnight and daytrip tourism is now worth more than $51 million to Gloucester each year.

Gloucester’s tourism is based on the Valley’s scenic beauty, small-town atmosphere and agricultural heritage. Any development or activity that threatens these also threatens our tourism businesses.

The value of tourism for the Gloucester Valley is not only in the 220+ jobs it provides, but also in how it celebrates the region’s heritage and supports other key industries like agriculture and hospitality.

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