The Rocky Hill Coal Mine is threatening the beautiful Gloucester Valley.
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Update 12 August 2018

Dear Members and Supporters,
We need your support at the court case in Gloucester

Thursday 16th August 2018, 12.45 – 4.00 pm
Friday 17th August 2018, 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
Gloucester Soldiers Club

The speakers are registered but we are asking people from the community to attend to support our case.

Wednesday 15th and Thursday morning 16th are set aside for site visits. The public are not permitted to attend.

Important information for supporters
Please remember this is a court so people are expected to act accordingly.
Attendees will not be allowed to enter the court with any form of protest. This includes protest T-shirts etc.
People can protest outside but no protest will be tolerated inside.
Groundswell Gloucester
Update 7 August 2018

Dear Members and Supporters

We are deeply grateful for the incredible generosity of so many in our community and beyond - thank you!

After a wonderful trivia night $2,062 was raised, another $1,000 was donated and that means we are down to the last few thousand!!

We are paying the EDO $45,000, which is approx 10% of the full costs to represent our community. We have raised $41,000 and need a further $4,000.

We also have to find costs for extra court issues such as transcribing, any additional expert witnesses costs and any small court costs that may crop up - so we need your help to get our fundraising message out there.

Please share

Groundswell Gloucester bank account details are opposite

This has been a relentless campaign for our community and we are almost there! I’d like to give a shout out to the Groundswell team who have been, and still are working almost daily over the last few months to assist the EDO lawyers.

We will let you know what day to attend the court in the Gloucester Soldiers Club (no protests inside) to show strong community opposition to the mine.

Onward to the finish line.

Julie Lyford
Groundswell Gloucester
If approved the Rocky Hill Coal Mine will extend mining in the valley for decades.

Schools and hundreds of homes are within the 5km health danger zone of the project’s first stage. Future expansion could be as close as 1km from the built up area of Gloucester.

The source of health and environmental problems will be closer to people and the risks will last longer than the Stratford mine.

In a world of oversupply and industry decline due to energy competition why should another coal mine be imposed on the rural community of Gloucester?

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Following the recent update about the Rocky Hill Court Case,
many have requested bank details in order to make a donation.
These offers are very much appreciated.

Account Name: Groundswell Gloucester Inc
BSB: 721000
Account Number: 100166385
Reference: Name and "donation".

Thank You!
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Court Case - Thursday 16 & Friday 17 August 2018 - See details top of page.

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"I support the Gloucester community in their battle to decide their own economic future and to protect the homes, land and water of the Gloucester Valley from the destructive impacts of the coal and coal seam gas industries. Keep me informed and let me know how I can help. "

Become a Member
CLICK HERE to download the Application Form


Donations to Groundswell Gloucester can be made by direct deposit. BSB  721 000 • Account 100 166 385
Please identify with your name and the word "donation" Thank you!

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